Superdark publie «Clear Skies»

Zurich based group Superdark share «Clear Skies» – your indie rock anthem for spring! The song describes a supposedly perfect cloudless summer day, which is however disturbed by the emergence of unwanted thoughts. This dichotomy is also reflected musically: The song begins with a soft synth intro and is broken up by a driving rhythm section and tangled guitar riffs. Get ready for another psychedelic journey!

Superdark consists of Alexander (guitar), Darius (vocals and guitar), Josip (bass and vocals), Neil (drums) and Towje (synthesizer). Their new album «So Far Out There» is an introspective record centered around surrealism. The Zurich outfit combines indie and pop with elements of psychedelia, offering songs that are sometimes frenzied and catchy, sometimes quiet and dreamy. (more)

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